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launching august 11th

launching august 11th

launching august 11th

invite-only launch

august 11th

on       iOS

Who Are We

the social marketplace for sustainable fashion

We are out to make sustainable fashion the new normal. You do not need to be the type of person who plants trees in the Amazon and grows your own food to be someone who wears sustainable clothing. We are people who think fashion is fun, who want to dance, have a good time and live life in colour and print. We refuse to accept the stigma that style and sustainability means compromise. It should be easy to dress sustainably. Effortless. Unpretentious. We want you to be you, just that bit more sustainable.

We find the most stylish sustainable brands around Europe and invite them to sell their pieces on our social app. 

As a user you can save your favourite pieces and share them with others in curated wardrobes.

By following friends and fashion icons, you get inspiration straight in your feed.

When you inspire someone to buy a piece from one of your wardrobes, you get a percentage of the sale in credits. You can use these towards buying any other piece on the platform. 

Since Conclo handles the credit system, sustainable clothing becomes cheaper for consumers while our brands are never forced to push down their prices.

better get on that #concloguestlist

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