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the social marketplace for sustainable fashion

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Conclo makes sustainable fashion simple and affordable for consumers while giving sustainable brands the space and power to be the source of trends and inspiration.

We do this by creating a social shopping ecosystem with sustainability and ethics at its core.

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We find the most stylish sustainable brands around the world and invite them to sell their pieces in a single sleak app.
Sustainable style is only a tap away.

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As a user, you save your favorite pieces and share them with others in the form of curated wardrobes.
By following your friends and fashion icons, you get fashion inspiration straight in your feed.

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Sharing your sustainable style pays off.
When a piece is sold through one of your wardrobes, you collect a percentage of the sale price in points. The points can then be used towards purchasing any piece on the platform.



Conclo handles the points system.
This means that dressing sustainably becomes more affordable for users, but brands never have to compromise on their prices.

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